We've been around since 2001 and are entirely self-funded. We are both contributors to, and beneficiaries of, the free software ecosystem. Check out our code on GitHub here.

Our office is in the heart of Union Square in Somerville, MA, though we all telecommute some of the time. Benefits for employees include full healthcare and dental coverage, as well as an open vacation policy.

We believe in collaboration, and count on the diversity of our team in making decisions. Everyone here is encouraged to voice their opinion on product decisions, the direction we want to take the company, and even what kind of snacks we stock in the office.

We think Best Practical is a great place to work. Our projects are challenging and rewarding, and we have talented coworkers who know how to have fun. For every position we’re seeking people who take pride and ownership in the work they do. We want to build great tools that our customers and community love.

Open Positions

Software Engineer


We're looking for an intermediate- to senior-level software engineer who is creative and collaborative. We're an engineering organization first and foremost: every engineer has a large impact on the future of our products and our business. We're specifically looking for engineers with big ideas to help us reinvent our company.

Request Tracker sits in the middle of core internet technologies including web, SQL, email, GPG/SMIME, UNIX, and REST. Our work makes us experts in how the internet itself runs. Furthermore, we frequently integrate RT with third-party services and tools, so we gain a breadth and depth of experience with many applications.

This role involves all aspects of software engineering: working with customers to figure out what they want, design, building the features that address their needs, testing and code review, documentation, improving performance, maintenance, and responsibly addressing security vulnerabilities. RT is a large codebase, so you should be prepared to work with a project that's too big to hold in your head all at once.


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or related field) or equivalent practical experience
  • Deep understanding of web technologies, ideally Perl, JavaScript, and SQL
  • Experience working in a team or on open source using version control (we love Git!)
  • UNIX systems administration, especially for web, mail, database
  • An eye for design is a big plus

Junior Software


This is an entry-level position or paid internship. We're excited to work with someone who is eager to learn and to grow with the company. You'll be working with engineers who are very knowledgeable about building and delivering production software to customers. You'll gain experience doing the same in an open-source setting, so you'll be able to build up your resume.

We're happy to provide flexible hours that don't interfere with your coursework.


  • Recent or degree-seeking undergraduate
  • Experience with, or interest in, web technologies
  • Critical thinking skills, curiosity, and ability to ask for help when you get in over your head

How to Apply

Please send something approximating a cover letter, work history, and a sample of some code you've written to resumes@bestpractical.com. Whether you're involved in open source development or putting together some personal hobby projects, we'd love to hear all about what you're excited to be working on.

Equal Opportunity

Best Practical is an equal opportunity employer. You may read our full statement here.